Thomas the Tank Engine and His Redundant Colon

Should I be worried? I feel like I should be worried.

Bev Potter
4 min readJun 23, 2024


Photo by Yuri Oparin on Unsplash

I found out I have a redundant colon from a notation on my colonoscopy test results. To be precise, a “quite” redundant colon.

Is “quite” a medical term? Is this a Jane Austen novel? Could we PLEASE BE A LITTLE MORE PRECISE?

My gastroenterologist never said a word about my quite redundant colon. Or if he did, it was to my ex-boyfriend while I was out cold in the recovery room, snoring with my mouth open.

That’s when doctors really like to give you the big, important news, when you’re unconscious, so they don’t have to answer any stupid questions like, “I’ve never even heard of that. Is that bad? SHOULD I BE WORRIED?”

Me to boyfriend: “Did the doctor say anything?”

BF: “No, not really.”

Great. Thanks for taking notes. I’m glad I didn’t count on you in high school when I was out for a week with mono.

I forgot about my quite redundant colon until yesterday when I ate too much, too fast, and had a bout of the recurrent pain that I usually attribute to IBS.

So I called up Dr. Google and promptly freaked out.



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