The Best Way To Cut A Watermelon

Bev Potter
Jul 5, 2022


Uhhhh… OK. (Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash)
  1. With a chainsaw
  2. With a samurai sword
  3. With a cement saw, like they use on sidewalks
  4. One word: dynamite
  5. A very sharp stick
  6. Driving over it with your car
  7. Trebuchet
  8. A laser
  9. A mallet
  10. A hippo
  11. A small thermonuclear device
  12. Ax
  13. Nunchaku
  14. Trained ants
  15. Dropped down an elevator shaft
  16. The Large Hadron Collider (Maybe? I have no idea)
  17. Just kick it
  18. Knitting needles
  19. The power of your mind
  20. A very large knife and a friend with your blood type

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