Some Thoughts on Trying to Successfully Complete a CAPTCHA

Bev Potter
1 min readSep 29, 2023
Photo by Karen Grigorean on Unsplash

Is the person riding on the motorcycle considered to be part of the motorcycle?

Why do the pictures all look like they were shot by a Nokia camera phone in 2012?

Why do the pictures all look like they were shot by the same person who took that video of Bigfoot in the 1960s?

Why do the photos all look like the Zapruder film?

Is a large van a bus?

Is the side mirror a part of the bus, or is that an accessory?

What is a bridge, really?

Why does this site need a CAPTCHA, but the other sites don’t?

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

Come ON!

I like the puzzle-piece ones. Why don’t I see more of those? It’s like a little game.

Why is this is an extremely simple math equation but I still need to count on my fingers?

Seven years of college.

Clearly, I am just stupid.

There is no universe in which I can read those letters.

Are the wires part of the traffic lights??





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