I Almost Ran Over My Neighbor’s Dog

And I showed remarkable restraint, REMARKABLE restraint when I sent her an email.

Bev Potter


Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

I was coming home from my mom’s house around 8:00 p.m. and slowing down for the stop sign at my intersection, when something white loped through my headlights.

It was my neighbor’s dog.

Thank god I was slowing down for the sign.

After I hung the two quick rights into my driveway, I got out and walked across my lawn in the dark to where I could see the back of the neighbor’s house. The dog was waiting at the back door to be let in.

I heard laughter inside — the neighbors were definitely home, in case the six cars in the “driveway” weren’t enough of a clue.

Of course, I don’t know which of the rotating cast of vehicles work and which don’t, so it’s not really a certain indicator of how many people are actually in the house.

I was still pumped with adrenaline and fighting my normal urge to just walk the hell over there and start pounding on the door. Not that I’ve ever done something like that before ( I have totally done something like that before).

A phone call would also be a bad, bad idea.

Instead, I composed a short email, getting straight to the point and avoiding as much scathing sarcasm as humanly possible since she wouldn’t understand it anyway.

[subject] Ashley, I almost hit your dog.

It’s dark and it was coming across the road — it’s not going to magically stay in your yard if you don’t keep it tied up or stay with it while it’s out, right? Dog ownership is a responsibility.


Now, in case you’re inclined to say something like, “Well, everybody’s dog gets loose once in a while,” bear in mind that I’ve already come home to find it nosing around in my back yard.

And then a few days later, I was outside when Jared or Jethro or whatever his name is called it and it came barreling out of the horse pasture and across my back yard.

This is a young dog that they’ve only had a few months, if that. Since they can’t figure out how to…



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