How To Make Chicken Tinga Tacos In Your 300-Square-Foot Apartment Just Like You Saw On Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Bev Potter
3 min readDec 1, 2022
(Source: Amazon Video)

So you’ve decided to make the chicken tinga tacos you saw on Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street last night.

They looked pretty easy. They’re tacos. How hard could it be? And since you’ve eaten pizza every day for the last two weeks, a little variety is probably a good idea. Google the symptoms of beriberi.

First, the Mexican Gen Z hipster guest chef wearing no make-up and horned-rimmed glasses like Buddy Holly says you’ll need to cook the chicken separately in water like they do in old México.

Since there’s no empty surfaces in your 300-square-foot apartment, maybe put the chicken on the fire escape to cool, next to the mummified tomato plants you tried to grow three years ago.

Never throw these away. With a little water, sunlight, and the kind of miracle usually reserved for cancer kids, maybe they’ll come back.

Next, grind the spices in a molcajete using a tejolote. Buddy Holly says the secret is to hold the tejolote lightly and use your wrist.



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