Guidance Counselors’ Advice To Writers

Bev Potter
2 min readFeb 26, 2022


Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

FUTURE MODEL: You have great bone structure. You should consider a career in broadcasting.

FUTURE WRITER: Looks aren’t everything.

FUTURE SURGEON: You have a 5.0 GPA and you’ve already taken enough Advanced Placement courses to basically skip college. I assume you’re going into medicine.

FUTURE WRITER: Your handwriting is very neat. You should take an online calligraphy course. People will always need wedding invitations.

FUTURE FIGHTER PILOT: The school nurse said you have a resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute and 20/20 vision. The Navy is an excellent choice.

FUTURE WRITER: I’ve never seen glasses that thick. Maybe Lasik?

FUTURE ENTREPENEUR: Well, if it isn’t Mr. Popularity. Remember me when you’re on Shark Tank.

FUTURE WRITER: You should really try to make more friends. I know there’s a job where you sit alone in a tower in the woods and look for fires. I don’t even know what that’s called — fire watcher? You could do that.

FUTURE LAWYER: You’ll have so many career options once you have your degree. That’s a great choice.

FUTURE WRITER: The world will always need English teachers.

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