Conversations I’ve Had At Bars Or Things I’ve Said To The Medical Student Shadowing My Gynecologist?

Bev Potter
Oct 15, 2021


Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

So, are you married?

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Oh, you’re each going to grab a breast? Okay.

I’m pretty limber.

Where do you go to school?

Wow, that’s cold.

I’m not really a breeder.

I had genital warts but they went away.

I’m very irritated.

I haven’t been sexually active since the Reagan administration.

What does your girlfriend think about your job?

It’s a no-fly zone.

I only come every three years.

You have very soft hands.

How old are you?

Hop up on the table.



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