Cleanup In The Lumber Aisle

Is it just me, or is it weird to see dogs at Home Depot?

Bev Potter


Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

I love Home Depot. I also love dogs. But the two circles of this particular Venn diagram do not overlap.

I don’t love dogs at Home Depot.

I spend a lot of time in home stores because my particular home is like an aging movie star — it needs some work done.

But when did taking your dog to the store become a thing? And I’m not talking about service animals. I’m talking about plain ol’ dogs. I see dogs everywhere: Home Depot, the grocery store, Target, you name it.

I’m fine with people taking their dogs to the pet store because, duh, dogs need to shop too. But they don’t need to install a shower or pick out paint. Dogs don’t saunter into Lowe’s wearing a tool belt with their butt crack showing to buy a tub of drywall mud.

Pet stores are equipped for the needs of their canine clientele. When nature calls, as it will, they’re prepared to mop up the giant pool of urine that an excitable Goldendoodle left in the toy aisle.

Who’s going to clean up the dookie in the electrical aisle at Lowe’s?

I’m lucky. One of the few perks of my job is that I get to bring my dog to work with me.

Once you’re used to having your dog with you 24/7, their absence is painful. You become exquisitely attuned to every sound and move they make. If I drive someplace without Hersh, I’m gripped with panic when I realize she’s not in the backseat — did I leave her someplace?? — until I remember that she’s safe at home, shedding peacefully on my bed.

So I get it. We all want to be with our dogs all the time. But there used to be rules about not bringing dogs into stores, back when there were rules that people actually followed.

Things have changed, not only on the big, macro, worldwide scale, but in a smaller, more quiet, “just ignore it and pretend it’s always been like this” way.

Remington Write and I were talking about this phenomenon a few weeks ago. She sees dogs on the subway in record numbers. It started happening a little, until it was happening a lot. And now it’s normal.



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